🚀 Winner of Tron Grand Hackathon 2022 (Web3 track 5th place): 4thTech's HolaChain, Web3 Secured W2W dMail & dChat Communication Infrastructure 🚀

Web3 secured W2W communication infrastructure

Send, receive dMails or exchange on-chain messages that are immutable & E2EE. Leverage L1s security for your Web3 communication, enable white-labels & SDKs for your project or connect as an end-user

4thTech dMail

What is | 4thTech?

Web3’s first multi-chain dMail & dChat standard that enables Web3 security & data ownership within W2W communication
Connects wallets in the W2W messaging data exchange & options account verification by linking it to X.509 user’s online identity
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4thTech dMail
W2W E2EE dMail
Immutable on-chain dMail communication & data file exchange accompanied by dNotary & proof of delivery
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W2W E2EE dChat
Secured by L1, 100% immutable on-chain private, group & NFT curated community messaging
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Facilitates source & time confirmation between dMail data exchange using transaction hash & file-checksum
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dApps UI & FOURwaL
Multi-chain UI & wallet framework dedicated to W2W on-chain dMail & dChat data exchange
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SDKs & White-labels
dMail & dChat Javascript EVM SDKs & plug-and-play multi-chain White-labels
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4thTech | SDK & White-label framework

dMail & dChat Javascript EVM SDKs and plug-and-play multi-chain White-labels made ready for privacy enabled social scaling in the multi-chain universe
01 | Web3 Security
Email & messaging secured by cryptography & L1 security
02 | White-label Multi-Chain Framework
EVM, Substrate, Solana & Tron
03 | White-label BGUI
Plug-and-play email & messaging branded GUI for partner platform
04 | EVM SDKs
Email & messaging SDKs for all suitable EVM L1s, L2s & Rollups
05 | Supporting DOCs
Highly developed WIKI & GitHub supporting docs
06 | All Major Wallet Support
Possible due to Elliptic-Curve Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocol integration

Discover | 4thTech Technology

Web3’s first multi-chain (i.e. Ethereum, Substrate, Solana & Tron) dMail & dChat standard, enables immutable on-chain L1 security & data ownership within W2W communication.

Built with the best and latest technology such as TypescriptVue.js, Solidity & Rust the 4thTech achieves the highest development standard.

4thTech | Where to start?

Step 01 | Watch the Video Tutorials
Step-by-step video tutorials on how to access the UI-Staging or UI-Platform dApps and start sending dMails or exchanging on-chain messages
Step 02 | Read the Use & Terms Section 
Acceptance of the Terms of Use is entered into by and between you and the 4thTech. Please read carefully 
Step 03 | Download & Install the FOURwaL 
Chrome & Mozilla extension, which enables you to utilise Ethereum, SI-Chain, Solana, Moonbeam, Tron & Evmos accounts when interacting with the UI-Staging & UI-Platform dApps, whether sending dMails or exchanging on-chain messages W2W
Step 04 | Read the Article & Start for free 
Test-drive E2EE multi-chain W2W communication for free. Send or receive dMails on Ethereum, SI-Chain, Solana, Moonbeam, Tron & Evmos TestNets, or exchange on-chain messages on Solana DevNet

4thTech | Use Cases

4thTech Solutions | End-Users 

Consideration of how to guarantee protection when communicating online was put at the forefront of all 4thTech architectural decisions. At its core, 4thTech prevents identity theft and message or email mutability, while it’s impervious to invasive ad campaigns. Users can send or receive immutable on-chain E2EE emails, and messages or exchange files & media.

Launch Staging dApp

4thTech Solutions | Partner Projects

4thTech is not only an end-user dMail & dChat dApp, but a permissionless dMail & dChat protocol standard that enables 1000s of W2W communication dApps to be developed on Web3, via our SDKs & White labels. Any supported blockchain network app looking to include W2W communication features will be able to integrate email and chat functionalities into its platform.

Build with 4thTech

4thTech | Multi-Chain Token

A multi-chain technical component that enables software licence access and community signalling.




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