Staging is LIVE! Mint your test tokens & test-drive FOURwaL, dID, dMail, dChat & dNotary. Click to access the UI-Staging article & manual. 

Privacy enabled W2W communication infrastructure

Send, receive dMails or exchange on-chain messages with no ads, no data mining & no tracking. Secure your E2EE Web3 communication, enable white-label for your project or connect as an end-user!

4thTech dMail

What is | 4thTech?

Next-gen multi-chain platform that enables E2EE (i.e. end-to-end encrypted) Web3 communication & data management in the form of dID, dMail, dChat & dNotary.
Connects and hosts all the 4thTech protocols and services in one ecosystem, giving the user all in one access.
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Blockchain gateway for UI-platform access. Deployed as Chromium & Mozilla extension.
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FOURid protocol enables the Web3 dID, connects wallets when data is exchanged & serves as the user public key exchange point.
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4thTech dMail
Open-source FOURdx protocol enables the exchange of private E2EE data (i.e. email messages, data files) between public or DLT addresses through a simple email-like UI.
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Open-source FOURim protocol that enables E2EE on-chain Solana dChat between wallets.
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Open-source FOURns protocol acts as a digital notary of the decentralized world, facilitating source & time confirmation using transaction hash & file-checksum.
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4thTech | UI-Platform Client

Our solution for unifying all our services under the same roof. It serves as an on-boarding HUB for users with an installed FOURwaL add-on
01 | Build with the Newest Technology
TypeScript and Vue 3
02 | Multi-Chain Protocol Support
Ethereum, Tolar HashNet, Edgeware Substrate & Solana
03 | Advanced Encryption Security 
AES & RSA Encryption & SHA-256
04 | High-end Encryption Design
No one can interfer between segments
05 | White-label Availability
UI white-label Web3 dMail & dChat layer for DAOs, DeFi, Gaming & other partner platforms
06 | GDPR Compliant Application
Developed according to EU guidelines

Discover | 4thTech Technology

Web3 multi-chain communication framework interoperable with all public & DLT EVM-based, Substrate-based & Solana protocols. With core E2EE on-chain security, it eliminates the possibility of data theft, data mining or data tracking.

Built with the best and latest technology such as Vue.js and Typescript, the 4thTech achieves the highest development standard.

4thTech | Where to start?

Step 01 | Watch the Video Tutorials
Step-by-step video tutorials are describing how to set up the 4thTech blockchain wallet (i.e., FOURwaL), access the UI-Platform and start using dMail or dChat. 
Step 02 | Read the Use & Terms Section 
Acceptance of the Terms of Use is entered into by and between you and the 4thTech. Please read carefully. 
Step 03 | Download & Install the FOURwaL 
The FOURwaL is a Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Extension, that enables you to use Ethereum, HashNet, Substrate and Solana account when interacting with the 4thTech UI-Platform, whether managing your digital identity, exchanging data, messages or connecting to other ecosystem protocols. 
Step 04 | Login & Start 
Use 4thTech to send or receive dMails, exchange sensitive data files & instant messages or verify data authenticity.

4thTech | Use Cases

4thTech Solutions | End-Users 

Privacy, data ownership and secure online communication is a fundamental rights of every person. To address this issue 4thTech developed a secure Web3 end-user solution. 4thTech enables E2EE dMail, data file exchange & on-chain messaging between wallets while providing file-checksum data notarisation, and blockchain digital identity.

At its core, 4thTech prevents identity theft, data tracking or data mining, while it’s impervious to invasive ad campaigns and user content surveillance.

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4thTech Solutions | Enterprise 

The current Web2 data exchange and communication services do not provide suitable enterprise solutions. Industry-based payable solutions on the market offer higher security but are mostly based on centralized databases which are always vulnerable to SPOF. The exchange and ownership retention of confidential and process critical digital data and communication between partners in any industry relies on complete protection and privacy, whether from service providers, competitors or hackers in general.

Ecosystem, platform and a suite of multi-blockchain dApps that solve privacy and secure Web3 communication with encryption and decentralization can also be adopted using the white-label kit that enables partner platforms, DAOs and protocols to focus on developing their core solutions while enabling the community Web3 dMail & dChat layer all under their own brand.

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4thTech | Multi-Chain Token

A multi-chain technical component that enables 4thTech tokenization with staking & transaction discounts.




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The content of this website is provided for information purposes only and is not to be used or considered to be an investment recommendation or an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any securities or tokens. Read more in the 4thTech Terms of Service and the Disclaimer section.
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