🚀Announcing participation in Tron Hackathon 2022! Entering Web3 track with HolaChain, Privacy enabled W2W dMail & dChat Communication Infrastructure.🚀

4thTech | About us 

The next-gen framework enables W2W E2EE on-chain communication in the form of dID, dMail, dChat & dNotary. Interoperable with all Ethereum, Polkadot & Solana networks, it enables white-labelling SDK dMail & dChat and brings Web3 communication standards to crypto.

We are driven by the charter to establish the foundation for:

Decentralized digital identity
4thTech dMail
W2W E2EE email data exchange
On-chain data verification
FOURim icon
On-chain W2W E2EE messaging
4thTech dMail
broadcasting Web3 dMail to SMTP client

Find out more about our foundation

We spent the last four years developing the 4thTech foundations, which are built around privacy and ecosystem integrations. Privacy by design was our guiding approach when building 4thTech. That simply means that we put the consideration of how we could preserve privacy, guarantee protection, and obfuscate metadata to the largest possible degree at the forefront of all our architectural decisions.

4thTech | Contributors

4thTech is a collective, a group of people and partners that work together to enable, and promote privacy and security in Web3 communication. We are location independent, so you can join us from any part of the world.
Solana Team
BR Podcast
Universe Finance Team
Spartan Protocol Team
Crystl Team
Tolar Team
Edgeware Team
ApeSwap Team
Baryan Music

4thTech | Multiverse & Ecosystem

4thTech | Framework

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FOUR | ERC20, BEP20, SPL & POS Token Wallets

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FOURwaL | Extension Browser Interoperability

FOUR | Multi-chain Token Analytics

FOUR | Multi-chain Token SC & LP

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FOUR DEXs & CEXs | Swaps, Pairs, Aggregators, Bridges

  • Uniswap ERC20 FOUR/ETHBalancer ERC20 FOUR/ETHSushiswap Ethereum ERC20 FOUR/ETHPancakeSwap BEP20 FOUR/BNB
  • SushiSwap Polygon ERC20 FOUR/WETHApeSwap Polygon - POS FOUR / MATIC
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