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FAQs | Frequently asked questions

We've tried to answer the most frequent questions about 4thTech, technology, features, interoperability & uses. This list will be updated as we go. If you still have some questions, try our Docs, Medium blog or contact us.
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FAQs | General Information

What is 4thTech?
Web3’s first multi-chain dMail & dChat standard that enables on-chain security & data ownership within W2W communication
Why 4thTech?
4thTech enables Web3 security within W2W E2EE email & chat communication with direct back-end SDK integration, while its multi-chain interoperability and deployment pave the way toward the first Web3 communication standard
W2W data exchange dedicated wallet framework serves as a gateway connecting users with on-chain services. As a non-custodial gas wallet, it also manages public and private keys
4thTech UI-Staging & UI-Platform?
Both dApps clients serve as an onboarding hub accessed by the user via Web3 wallet. Both connect and host all the 4thTech protocols and services in one ecosystem, while UI-Staging uses TestNets, and the UI-Platform utilises MainNets
FOURid Protocol?
Connects wallets when data is exchanged and serves as the public key exchange point between users, while it can provide wallet address verification by creating a link between an X.509 user’s online identity and blockchain wallet address
FOURdx Protocol?
Web3 security enabled multi-chain email & data file exchange with on-chain proof of delivery. Resilient to identity theft and email spoofing, the protocol enables users to exchange content between wallets without signup, personal information or phone number
FOURns Protocol?
Uses checksum to check for potential data changes during the W2W dMail data exchange and acts as the digital notary of the decentralized world enables sensitive data files time-stamp and origin verification using blockchain as a "trust" source
FOURim Protocol?
Web3 security on-chain chat, group chat & NFT community curated group chat. 100% on-chain, the protocol is resilient to data mining & data theft, while it enables users to exchange messages between wallets without signup, personal information or phone number
SDKs & White-labels?
dMail & dChat Javascript EVM SDKs and plug-and-play multi-chain White-labels available for Web3 partner project UI & wallet integration

FAQs | Tech & Features

FOURdx Protocol (dMail) Architecture?
FOURdx protocol leverages trust sourced from the blockchain and enables E2EE, immutable wallet-to-wallet dMail. The dMail (i.e. decentralized email) framework is built on public blockchains, enabling organizations and individuals to collaborate and exchange data in a secure and decentralised manner. The protocol records links to encrypted JSON metadata files and checksum of the encrypted JSON metadata file on the blockchain, while attachments are exchanged W2W via decentralised storage. FOURdx enables email security and retains data ownership by utilising blockchain security and encryption. It uses advanced encryption standards (i.e., AES), with a combination of RSA encryption and hash algorithm 256 (i.e., SHA 256) to secure immutable W2W E2EE dMail & data file exchange
FOURim Protocol (dChat) Architecture?
We wanted to design the dChat architecture to be as lightweight as possible. This means that we wanted to keep all user communications on-chain. The message history and archive are kept on local storage and by user choice, can be synchronized on decentralized storage. So the only party with access to his secure messaging data is the user himself. Users have full control over their messaging data which are E2EE. Every wallet becomes your on-chain identity and data vault that only you control, the messaging app is completely immutable and censorship-resistant
What is 4thTech 2.0?
The update adds the Polkadot Edgeware Substrate support and codebase TypeScript rewrite with a performance upgrade from Vue 2 to Vue 3
What is 4thTech 3.0?
The update brings design unification accompanied by a set of new dMail & dChat features, while the platform front-end and back-end will be separated to achieve the first steps toward platform decentralization
What is X.509 standard?
X.509 standard digital certificate can be used for data encryption, notarization of signed data, digital signature, digital identity verification and timestamp. With various European Union certificate publications, the X.509 standard is widely used and as such appropriate for blockchain digital identity integration. The X.509 Public Key Infrastructure is also approved by eIDAS (i.e. electronic IDentification, Authentication and Trust Services)
4thTech Multi-chain?
To enable the first Web3 communication standard, the dMail & dChat SC deployment on all major EVM new-gen chains are needed. Together with a multi-chain SDK framework, the standard will enable permissionless dMail & dChat layer integration for any Web3 project

FAQs | Uses Cases

Why do we need Web3 security-enabled email?
Emails are getting spammed with junk mail while identities are being stolen with email spoofing. There is also the matter of privacy, which is under question if free eMail web2 services are used instead of privacy dedicated email servers. To enable free eMail, the current web2 eMail providers resort to adding based models that by nature enable mass surveillance and data mining to enforce intrusive ad campaigns. Furthermore, all data exchanged and created within these centralised structures lose privacy and ultimately disassociates ownership from the user

At its core 4thTech dMail prevents identity theft phishing, while enabling E2EE (i.e. end-to-end encrypted) Web3 dMail in the form of FOURdx protocol. FOURdx is an open-source protocol that leverages trust sourced from the blockchain and enables E2EE, immutable wallet-to-wallet dMail with on-chain proof of delivery. The dMail framework is built on public blockchains, enabling organizations and individuals to collaborate and exchange data in a secure, transparent decentralised manner. The protocol records only the links to encrypted JSON metadata files and checksum of the encrypted JSON metadata file on the blockchain, which safeguards the rights of individuals to confidentiality and privacy while complying with GDPR. 4thTech’s dMail can also be defined as a decentralized network framework that supports text, data file or media exchange between wallet addresses of supported blockchains (i.e. Ethereum, Polkadot, HashNet, Solana & Tron). Supported by a modern intuitive UI platform and thanks to multi-chain support, 4thTech dMail is accessible and affordable to all users
Secure on-chain communication?
There are a variety of use cases to explore, for example, DEXes can enable confidential chat between traders and investors. Compared to Bloomberg Terminal, the 4thTech dChat protocol is 100% on-chain E2EE so no one could listen in. Trading Groups can be created, where access is possible only with NFTs or tokens. There are strong use cases also in marketing, where messaging was always high-valued, but in our case, messages could be focused on wallets holding specific to NFTs or other assets. But in the end let's not forget that we are utilising blockchain to enable privacy in online communication, which is practically non-existing in traditional Web2 applications
Broadcasting Web3 dMail to SMTP client?
Web3 dMail to SMTP client will empower Web2 email users to bridge their email communication to Web3 and harness the security and privacy of decentralized blockchains. A stand-alone desktop app will enable users to send or receive E2EE emails via a supported blockchain network using their email client apps such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail
The scope of the Company’s services is exclusively limited to providing you access to the technology that enables an exchange of data files and messages with the other the users that are not qualified as crypto-assets, cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies or similar digital representations of values under the Laws of any jurisdiction in the world.

The content of this website is provided for information purposes only and is not to be used or considered to be an investment recommendation or an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any securities or tokens. Read more in the 4thTech Terms of Service and the Disclaimer section.
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