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4thTech | Software Licence

Published on 11 April 2021, updated regularly

License | Definitions

Unless the context requires otherwise, the following terms shall be used in this software licence agreement:

“Block Labs Luxembourg” means Block Labs Luxembourg S.a r.l., a legal entity established under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, registered with R.C.S. Luxembourg under N B263508 at the following address: 41, rue du Puits Romain, z.a. Bourmicht (Atrium Business Park), L-8070 Bertrange, Luxembourg;

“Computers” means any computers, servers, blade systems, mainframe computers, personal digital assistants, digital telephones, or any other digital system incorporating display and/or communications capabilities where the device has one more CPUs (and whether the CPUs are single-core or multi-core) and may be connected to a Network;

“CPU” means a central processing unit that is the processor at the physical socket level, independent of the number of processing cores (i.e. single core, multi-core, etc.) capable of being present and/or active on any CPU;

“Crypto-asset Services” means any of the following services:

(a) the custody and administration of crypto-assets on behalf of third parties;
(b) the operation of a trading platform for crypto-assets;
(c) the exchange of crypto-assets for fiat currency that is legal tender;
(d) the exchange of crypto-assets for other crypto-assets;
(e) the execution of orders for crypto-assets on behalf of third parties;
(f) placing of crypto-assets;
(g) the reception and transmission of orders for crypto-assets on behalf of third parties
(h) providing advice on crypto-assets;

“Documentation” means all Materials supplied by or on behalf of Licensor for use in conjunction with the Proprietary Software, in any media or form, including (i) any and all installer’s, operator’s and user’s guides and manuals, (ii) training materials, (iii) source code files and applicable source code accompanying documentation, (iv) guides, (v) functional or technical specifications or other materials (including all materials describing the interoperability of the Proprietary Software with other hardware or software), (vi) written requirements or specifications for the Proprietary Software, and (vii) any revisions to the Documentation accompanying program upgrades;

“Intellectual Property” means all property rights and other exclusive rights. Intellectual property objects means in accordance with the legislation relating to any jurisdiction in the whole world (i) inventions (patentable and non-patentable, used or not used in practice and/or developed independently or jointly with other parties), all their improvements, patents, patent applications, patents and inventions’ descriptions and all other copyright to the inventions, together with all their reissues, extensions, continuation-in-part applications, divisions, revisions, additional certificates of protection, renewals and revisions; (ii) trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos, designs, advertising slogans, firm names of legal entities, along with all intangible elements of value of the firm which they represent and are associated with, registrations, applications for registration and renewed registrations; (iii) copyright (whether registered or unregistered), works that may be the subject matter of copyright, copyrights and their registration and applications for registration; (iv) web sites in the Internet; (v) the design of integrated circuits, cell libraries, electronic masks, lists of network connections, simulated experiments, masking work, right to semiconductor integrated circuits, their registration, applications for registration and renewal of registration; (vi) computer software (including, without limitation, source codes, mechanisms of forming source codes, input files and output programs), software development tools (including, without limitation, assemblers, compilers, transcribers, utilities, data compactors), libraries, algorithms, routines, subroutines, codes with comments and documented codes, notes of programmers, system architecture, logic flow, data, computer applications and operation programs, databases and documentation on them; (vii) trade secrets and other confidential information (including, without limitation, ideas, technologies, know-how, processes and production and manufacturing techniques, research and development information, drawings, diagrams, specifications, bills of materials, designs, plans, proposals, technical data, pricing information, marketing information, financial records, customers and suppliers lists and other proprietary information of a person); (viii) formulae, developments, test data and market research; (ix) their copies and embodiment (in any form or format), and all modifications, improvements and derivative work on the basis of the foregoing; and (x) all rights to prosecute and to receive compensation in connection with any past, existing or future violations of any of the rights above and pre-emptive rights and rights to protect the rights to the foregoing in accordance with the legislation relating to any jurisdiction in the whole world;

“FOURwaL” means the software solution that enables a User to create a Wallet on his/her Computer to gain access to and benefit from the functionalities of the 4thTech Protocols;

“FOURid” means the 4thTech identity protocol that connects Wallets of the Users when data is exchanged, and it serves as the public key exchange point between the Users;

“FOURwaL Policies” means any of the following internal policies introduced and/or modified by Licensor from time to time: AML/CTF Policy, Data Retention & Protection Policy, Information Security Incidents Procedure, and Personal Data Breach Notification Procedure;

“FOUR Token” means a system native utility token that may be used in the future to enable access of the Users to the services and functionalities of the Proprietary Software and/or Open Source Software;
“4thTech Web Platform Client” or “4thTech App” means the interoperability protocol for the FOURWaL, FOURid, and the 4thTechProtocols. It serves as an on-boarding HUB for the Users with an installed FOURwaL add-on;

“4thTech Protocols” means any of the following software solutions developed and made available to any user by Block Labs Luxembourg under the EUPL v.1.2 or later: FOURdx, FOURns, FOURim;

“Laws” means the civil law in general, any constitution, legislation, decree, order, instruction, rule, regulation, ordinance, code, directive, by-law, judgement, international treaty or any other legislative or quasi-legislative measure related, in each case, to the respective jurisdiction that may be applicable to any transaction closed or to the circumstances existing as of the respective date and, in each case (if any liability is stipulated by or may arise in accordance with them) including any former provision (that may be statutorily amended or re-enacted from time to time) that was directly or indirectly replaced by such provision;

“Licensor” means The 4th pillar Ltd., a private limited company, established and existing under Slovenian law with a registered office at Parmova Ulica 53, 1000 Ljubljana;

“Material” means all systems, software (including source code and object code), HTML, CGI, XML or other formatting, software designs, software programs and programming, interfaces, knowledge cases, scripts, technology, documentation, writings, reports, lists, notes, manuscripts, images, photographs, printed or graphic matter, pictorial materials, tools, methods, business methods, methodologies, processes, business processes, procedures, techniques, workflows, inventions, improvements, forms, data, data formats, compilations, program listings, programming tools, program names, designs, models, specifications, design documents and analyses, artwork, illustrations, drawings, schematics, audio, video and/or audio-visual works, test results, research, business models, business rules, business logic, work and process flows, system architecture plans, trademarks, copyrights, works of authorship, ideas, know-how, developments, discoveries, and similar material created, developed, furnished or made available in connection with the Proprietary Software;

“Network” means an aggregation of devices, any of which may perform the functions of computation, data storage, and/or data communications, and which are interconnected by cable, optical and/or wireless communication means to permit the passage of digital information among two or more such devices; including, without limitation, publicly accessible communication systems capable of data/video/voice communications collectively and commonly known as the Internet;

“Private key” is a secret component of the cryptographic algorithm that is used together with a public key to gain access to the User’s Wallet or authenticate the User in the 4thTech Protocols;

“Proprietary Software” means any and all of the following software products: FOURwaL, FOURid, and 4thTech App, which are owned by Block Labs Luxembourg and sub-licensed to you by the Licensor;

“Third-Party Tokens” means any of the following native utility tokens issued and existing in Ethereum, Tolar HashNet, Polkadot Edgeware and Solana blockchain networks: ETH, TOL, EDG, and SOL respectively;

“Third-Party Software” means the open-source software programs that are explicitly mentioned in the source code of the Proprietary Software, including but not limited to the software annexed hereto;

“Underlying Blockchains” means any of the following blockchain networks: Ethereum, Tolar HashNet, Polkadot Edgeware and Solana;

“Underlying Blockchain Wallet” means a wallet of the User in an Underlying Blockchain linked to the Wallet of the User in the FOURwaL;

“User” or “you” means a legal entity or individual;

“Wallet” means a User’s data set that authenticates the user in the 4thTech Protocols;

“Website” means any of the following websites of the Licensor: https://4thtech.io/, https://app.4thtech.io/, https://wiki.4thtech.io/.

By continuing with the Wallet creation process, you acknowledge and agree with the below terms and conditions of this licence agreement:  

The scope of the Company’s services is exclusively limited to providing you access to the technology that enables an exchange of data files and messages with the other the users that are not qualified as crypto-assets, cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies or similar digital representations of values under the Laws of any jurisdiction in the world.

The content of this website is provided for information purposes only and is not to be used or considered to be an investment recommendation or an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any securities or tokens. Read more in the 4thTech Terms of Service and the Disclaimer section.
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