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Dive into 4thTech Technology, a next-gen multi-blockchain ecosystem, platform, cryptocurrency, and a suite of dApps that enable users to send or receive dMails, data files & instant messages from wallet to wallet in a secure and decentralized manner. 

FOURwaL Add-on Wallet for your Browser 

With a single purpose, the 4thTech non-custodial wallet framework (i.e., FOURwaL) serves as a blockchain gateway, a tool for 4thTech UI-platform client access. It provides a secure way to connect to 4thTech products (i.e. dID, dMail, dChat, dNotary).
Multi-Chain Wallet 
Supporting multi-chain accounts (i.e. FOUR, ETH, TOL, EDG, SOL) used for dMail & dChat transaction gas. 
Built-in Functions to enable & manage;
digital identity, wallet-to-wallet communication, transaction signing, public & private keys
JSON Wallet Backup
FOURwaL enables multi-chain private key export & backup.
Enables partner projects to adopt the 4thTech Web3 dMail & dChat

4thTech | UI-Platform Client

The 4thTech web-based UI-platform serves as an onboarding hub accessed by the user via Chromium or Firefox browsers with an installed FOURwaL wallet add-on. It connects and hosts all the 4thTech protocols and services in one ecosystem, giving the user all in one access.

Enabling Multi-Chain Interoperability 

4thTech uses JSON-RPC protocol with a series of solutions to connect to the Ethereum, HashNet, Substrate & Solana nodes. 

UI-Platform | Features

Best Technology
4thTech UI-platform codebase has been written with TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript. The platform utilises Vue 3, also completely rewritten with TypeScript. 
Web3 Security
Advanced encryption standard (i.e. AES) is a combination of RSA encryption and hash algorithm 256 (i.e. SHA 256) to secure immutable data exchange.  
Modern Minimalistic UI
The web platform UI brings a minimalistic design style that emphasizes simplicity while also fitting the white label partner solutions.
Onboarding HUB
The UI-platform opens the doors to all 4thTech solutions. When connected, the user chooses between Accounts, dMail, dChat & dNotary.

dID | FOURid Web3 Identity Protocol

The protocol connects wallets when data is exchanged. It serves as the public key exchange point between users. FOURid can provide wallet address verification of an individual or an organisation by creating a link between an X.509 user’s online identity and blockchain wallet address.

FOURid | Key Features

Legacy System
By connecting the X.509 standard digital certificate, the FOURid ensures the integrity and traceability in a decentralised ecosystem.
Public Key Exchange
FOURid serves as public key exchange point between users
Access to 4thTech
Provides the needed digital identity for dMail, dChat & other 4thTech services.
Integrity & Traceability 
Ensures integrity and traceability in a decentralised ecosystem
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dMail | FOURdx Data Exchange Protocol

FOURdx is 4thTech open-source Web 3.0 dMail solution. Unlike current centralized emails, FOURdx leverages trust sourced from the blockchain & provides E2EE wallet A to wallet B (i.e., FOURwaL) dMail data exchange.
4thTech dMail


Secure Exchange


FOURdx | Multi-Chain Support
Based on the transaction price and speed, the users can choose between supported Ethereum, HashNet, Edgeware & Solana blockchains.
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FOURdx | High End Encryption
FOURdx utilizes advanced encryption standard (i.e., AES), with a combination of RSA encryption and hash algorithm 256 (i.e., SHA 256) to secure immutable data exchange
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FOURdx does not store any personal data on the blockchain. The data is stored off-chain. The protocol records links to encrypted files and hashes of the encrypted content on the blockchain. 
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dChat | FOURim Instant Messaging Protocol

The FOURim open-source protocol secures your Web3  communication by leveraging the Solana blockchain to exchange short messages from FOURwaL wallet SOL address A to FOURwaL wallet SOL address B.
All conversations stay private with default end-to-end encryption while on-chain storage let you take control over your data. Create an account without a phone number, using only FOURwaL.
End-to-end encryption
Messages are E2EE (i.e. end-to-end encrypted) and stored on the Solana Blockchain. No message is stored on the company servers!
Close to real-time speed
Average transaction confirmation in 1.89s means near-instant messaging with pre-transaction message snapshot.
No ads, no tracking
There are no ads, no tracking or data mining and never will be!
Low fee prices
Average transaction price of 0,00004 SOL per message (i.e. based on Solana gas prices and message length)
Group chats
Multi on-chain conversations are enabled, group chats are coming.
4thTech dChat does not limit your ability to express to characters. You can now use emojis to describe your feelings

dNotary | FOURns Data Verification Protocol

The FOURns open-source protocol leverage the power of blockchain to facilitate source and time confirmation for any data files exchanged within the 4thTech ecosystem. It acts as a fraud prevention process that enables data file authenticity and guarantees that the data file has not been changed in the course of a transaction between users.
FOURid icon
Integration with FOURid
X.509 digital certificate standard compatibility via FOURid
Tracking Files
Timestamping digital data files via FOURns system and file checksum verification
Verifying Data Authenticity
If one byte of the exchanged data is modified, the checksum changes and invalidates the transmission. 
Simple Solution GUI
Simple graphic solution interface is available that enables users to check the file checksum status in a glance
The scope of the Company’s services is exclusively limited to providing you access to the technology that enables an exchange of data files and messages with the other the users that are not qualified as crypto-assets, cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies or similar digital representations of values under the Laws of any jurisdiction in the world.

The content of this website is provided for information purposes only and is not to be used or considered to be an investment recommendation or an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any securities or tokens. Read more in the 4thTech Terms of Service and the Disclaimer section.
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