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4thTech's | Solutions Ecosystem

Not only an end-user dMail & dChat UI dApp, but a permissionless multi-chain communication standard that enables 1000s of dMail & dChat dApps Blum on Web3, via SDKs & White-labels, while it's core Web3 primitive; one message = one L1 transaction, utilises L1s security to enable immutable W2W on-chain communication

FOURid | dID

Connects wallets when messaging data is exchanged and serves as the public key exchange point between users, while it can provide wallet address verification by creating a link between an X.509 user’s online identity and blockchain wallet address

FOURid | Key Features

4thTech dID
Provides the needed dID for dMail, dChat & other 4thTech services
4thTech-Solutions-Web-App-SecureEncrypted 2
Public Key Exchange
Serves as public key exchange point between users
FOURwaL icon
Connects Wallets
Connects wallets during the dMail & dChat data exchange process
Enables the connection of the off-chain X.509 digital identity with on-chain dID
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FOURdx | W2W E2EE dMail

FOURdx protocol enables W2W dMail communication & data file exchange accompanied by on-chain dNotary & proof of delivery. With its core Web3 primitive in place; one message = one L1 transaction, the unique protocol architecture utilises L1s security with decentralized storage to enable true private & immutable W2W on-chain communication

4thTech dMail


Web3 Security & Data ownership


FOURdx | 20+ Chain Support
As a multi-chain EVM, Substrate & Solana framework, the FOURdx protocol enables the dMail interoperability with Ethereum, Edgeware, Moonbeam, Solana, Tron & Evmos chains. The dMail will be available on 20+ chains creating the foundation for the first Web3 W2W communication standard
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FOURdx | Not Your Keys, Not Your Data
Every wallet becomes an on-chain identity & message data vault, accessible only with users' private keys! The protocol uses an advanced encryption standard (i.e., AES), with a combination of RSA encryption and hash algorithm 256 (i.e., SHA 256) to secure immutable W2W E2EE dMail & data file exchange
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4thTech dMail
FOURdx | One dMail = One L1 Transaction
Compared to dChat, where W2W message exchange happens on-chain, the dMail is data heavier due to attachments and sizable content. The key was combining L1 security with decentralized storage where lite encrypted JSON files are stored to hold dMail metadata while link to dMail JSON metadata and checksum are recorded on-chain in the form of a L1 transaction
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FOURim | W2W E2EE dChat

Lightweight architecture keeps all communication on-chain, while only users can access their messaging data by their private keys. The protocol enables W2W E2EE on-chain chat & NFT curated chat groups safeguarded by L1s security
FOURim illustration

FOURim | Key Features

4thTech-Solutions-Web-App-SecureEncrypted 2
Web3 Privacy & Security
The core primitive; one message = one L1 transaction, utilises L1s security to enable true on-chain W2W communication
As an EVM, Solana & Tron framework, the FOURim protocol currently enables the dChat interoperability with Solana & Tron (coming soon) with other EVM chains on the way
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E2EE Group Chat 
Solved by random generation of the secret key, which is used to encrypt/decrypt messages and ECDH key agreement protocol, the protocol enables on-chain W2W group chats (coming soon)
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White-labels & SDKs
Not only an end-user UI dApp, but a permissionless multi-chain dChat protocol standard that enables 1000s of dChat dApps Blum on Web3, via SDKs & White-labels
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FOURns | On-chain Data Verification

Uses checksum to check for potential data changes during the W2W dMail data exchange and acts as the digital notary of the decentralized world enables sensitive data files time-stamp and origin verification using blockchain as a "trust" source
FOURid icon
Checksum Validation =
calculating checksum of stored JSON metadata file & digital file(s) and comparing the result with saved values
Tracking Files
Timestamping digital data files via FOURns system & file checksum verification
Verifying Data Authenticity
If one byte of the exchanged data is modified, the checksum changes and invalidates the transmission
Simple Solution GUI
Simple graphic solution interface is available that enables users to check the file checksum status in a glance

FOURwaL Add-on Wallet for your Browser 

W2W messaging data exchange dedicated wallet framework serves as a gateway connecting users with on-chain dMail & dChat services. As a non-custodial gas wallet, it also manages public and private keys
Multi-Chain Wallet 
Interoperable with all the Ethereum-based networks, additionally it supports Polkadot Substrates, Solana & Tron
Built-in Functions to enable & manage;
Digital identity, W2W communication, transaction signing, public & private key management
JSON Wallet Backup
Enables multi-chain private key export & backup
White-label Availability
Enables Web3 partners to launch project-specific wallets under their own brand

4thTech | UI-Platform Client

Serves as an onboarding hub accessed by the user via Web3 wallet. It connects and hosts all the 4thTech protocols and services in one ecosystem, giving the user all-in-one access

UI-Platform | Features

Web3 Security
True dMail & dChat UI security is achieved by utilising L1s security, encryption cocktail (AES, RSA, SHA-256, ECDH) and decentralized storage
Onboarding HUB
dMail & dChat Web3 login with no personal information or phone number required
Best Technology
The codebase has been written with TypeScript, while the platform utilises Vue 3, also completely rewritten with TypeScript
Modern Minimalistic UI
Minimalistic design style that emphasizes simplicity while also fitting the white label partner solutions

4thTech | SDKs & White-labeling

Permissionless dMail & dChat Javascript EVM SDKs and plug-and-play multi-chain White-labels available for Web3 partner project UI & wallet integration

SDK & White-label | Key Features

4thTech users icon
dMail & dChat Layers
dMail & dChat SDKs, White-labels & brand spin-offs enable 1000s of W2W communication dApps Blum on Web3
Web3 Native Security
L1s security + encryption cocktail + decentralized storage = immutable & Web3 secured W2W on-chain communication
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Multi-Chain White-labels
Ethereum, Solana and Tron dMail White-label GUI for L1s, Wallets, DAOs, NFT projects & other Web3 partner platforms
Permissionless dMail & dChat Javascript SDKs integration available on all suitable EVM chains (coming)
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Supporting DOCs
Highly developed WIKI & GitHub supporting docs (in development)
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