🚀Announcing participation in Tron Hackathon 2022! Entering Web3 track with HolaChain, Privacy enabled W2W dMail & dChat Communication Infrastructure.🚀

Why 4thTech

4thTech utilises blockchain to enable privacy in online email and chat communication, which is now virtually non-existing in traditional Web2 applications. Behind the scenes, 4thTech enables any project to integrate the dMail and dChat layers into their platform UIs or wallets using SDK framework, while its multi-chain interoperability and deployment paves the way towards the first Web3 communication standard.

Current | Reality

Securing your digital communications should be your highest priority when going online. There are just way too many threats to trust any company with your private data. Companies don’t care if they expose your digital life to harassment, scammers, fraud, and data mining advertisers.

Web3 | Solution

Blockchain always offered the promise of enabling private, immutable W2W communication, while retaining data and identity ownership, it is by design the perfect privacy tool. Enters 4thTech “We spent the last 4 years developing the on-chain communication email & messaging building blocks, which are built around privacy and security.”

Decentralized | Security

Blockchain brings significant security advantages, especially if it’s paired with decentralization. Due to decentralization and core technology immutability, no single entity can alter the data, which brings unprecedented privacy and security advantages.

We are | Particularly proud on:

Privacy by Design
We put the consideration of how we could preserve privacy, guarantee protection, and obfuscate metadata to the largest possible degree at the forefront of all our Architectural decisions. At the same time, no personal data whatsoever is collected by 4thTech - code is law - principle applies.
Default Encryption
While the message or email is encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (i.e. AES), the Elliptic-Curve Diffie-Hellman (i.e. ECDH) key agreement protocol is used for generating a secret key (i.e. used in AES encryption). 
We believe that open-source software brings democratization and contributes to the public good. 4thTech codebase is open source, so feel free to audit, contribute or explore.

Multi-chain | Interoperability

4thTech protocols are interoperable with all the Ethereum-based networks, additionally, we support Polkadot Substrates, Solana & TRON. 

Performance | Matters

Due to multi-chain interoperability, the user can choose between supported networks based on transaction finality, transaction price, network stability or decentralization.

Integration | SDKs & White-labels

An Ecosystem can only thrive when solutions are not built in isolation. Any supported blockchain app that is looking to include W2W communication features will be able to integrate email and chat functionalities into its platform through our white labels and SDK.

4thTech | Mission

We are here to solve and enable; (1) privacy in online communication; (2) the migration of email & message communication from Web2-to-Web3; (3) Web3 projects to integrate social on-chain communication, and; (4) we are here to enable the first W2W multi-chain communication standard.
The scope of the Company’s services is exclusively limited to providing you access to the technology that enables an exchange of data files and messages with the other the users that are not qualified as crypto-assets, cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies or similar digital representations of values under the Laws of any jurisdiction in the world.

The content of this website is provided for information purposes only and is not to be used or considered to be an investment recommendation or an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any securities or tokens. Read more in the 4thTech Terms of Service and the Disclaimer section.
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